Our stock is traded on Nasdaq, under the trading symbol SBUX.

Starbucks shares may be purchased in two ways:

  • As a beneficial shareholder, through a stockbroker, or
  • As a registered shareholder, directly through the Direct Stock Purchase Plan administered by our transfer agent, Computershare. For more information on direct purchase, or to enroll, please visit Computershare’s website at https://www-us.computershare.com/investor. You may also contact Computershare by phone at 1-888-835-2866 (US and Canada) and 1-201-680-6578 (Outside US and Canada) or by mail to:

Computershare CIP
c/o Computershare Investor Services
P.O. Box 43006
Providence RI 02940-3078

Starbucks Cash Dividends

Starbucks pays a cash dividend on its Common Stock. Information on our current and historical dividend amounts and payment dates can be found on the Dividend and Stock Split History page. While future dividends will be subject to Board approval, we currently anticipate paying a dividend on a quarterly basis.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Our Dividend Reinvestment Plan is available for registered shareholders. If you hold your shares in your own name through Starbucks transfer agent, Computershare, you will receive a check for the dividend at the address you have on record. Subsequently, you may elect to reinvest future dividends through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. To find out more, or to enroll, please visit Computershare’s website at https://www-us.computershare.com/investor.

If you hold your stock through a bank or broker as a beneficial shareholder, your dividend will be deposited directly into your account. If you have any questions, please contact your broker directly.

Tax Forms

Dividends are typically considered taxable income which is reported annually to the IRS on Form 1099-DIV and will be mailed to shareholders following the end of the calendar year. Please contact Computershare, or your brokerage firm, if you have not received your Form 1099-DIV.

Please contact your financial advisor or tax accountant with tax related questions.

Independent Accountants/Auditors

Deloitte & Touche LLP
Chase Tower Suite 1600
2200 Ross Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201